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Understanding The Pilates Method

The Method Pilates, also known as the Method or Pilates Method, has long been described by many experts and professionals as the great exercise system. But, what really is the reason behind this description?  There are many myths and misperceptions about Pilates AKA Contrology.  In explaining the Method, you should be able to have a better knowledge and understanding of Pilates

Although the Pilates Method and exercise is an activity that involves physical aspects, it is important to note that it isn’t typically cardiovascular workout. Also with this, you won’t have to worry about over exerting yourself. The Pilates Method and exercises were designed and developed as a systematic practice that boosts your body’s core through balancing, stretching, strengthening and breathing. Its no wonder then that the Pilates Method is commonly recommended along with aerobic workouts as well as resistance training.

On its most basic, the Pilates Method and exercise works by way of combining breathing techniques with special stretches and a machine or other equipment such as a reformer or cadillac and tower. As mentioned earlier, it is a method of exercise and controlled movements that focuses on enhancing the core of the human body by making it stronger and flexible.

During exercise, Pilates experts claimed that many of the deeper muscles work simultaneously, improving the coordination and achieving efficient and graceful movement. Well, note that every exercise involved in the Pilates has a prescribed placement, rhythm and breathing pattern. Accordingly, breathing aids in directing energy to vital areas while relaxing and calming the rest of the body. A basic principle of the Pilates Method is that people think of their bodies as single integrated units. Also with this principle, the Pilates Method seeks to establish a stable central core around which all movement takes place.

The benefits of the Pilates Method and exercise are highly noticeable. A lot of beginning Pilates enthusiasts and long time practitioners have reported and claimed that by attending regular Pilates classes or sessions, their bodies get toner, stronger, and well-balanced. As commonly said, they feel the difference in their abs, backs and legs instantly after doing the Pilates Method and exercise.

The Method Pilates, on its most basic, focuses on working and strengthening the small muscle groups, which are the intrinsic muscles. These small muscles are actually the ones responsible for the core support of the body. One should denote most strengthening programs work primarily on the big muscle groups. But, on the Method Pilates, the small muscle groups are strengthened first in order to change the placement of the bones, which are the framework of the body. As these muscles strengthen, the impinged nerves, muscles and bones are released from being crammed together to a freedom in their range of motion. So, they can move freely.

Having said all these, I could say that the Pilates Method and exercise is but a great supplement to any healthy routine.

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